Conversion Optimization

Social Proof: What Is It, Why It Matters, and How Do You Use It?

Whether we realize it or not, social proof affects all of us. Think back to a time you were invited to a party. Before attending, you probably thought through the scenario in...

Ben Johnson
Lead Generation

This B2B Lead Generation Map Can Improve Your Funnel [Infographic]

Without a map, it’s hard to know how long a trip will take. You can get lost, and you can forget where you’re heading. For instance, I don’t know how to travel from my house in...

Ben Johnson

Product Update: Increase Conversions with Exports & Click-Through URLs

Hello from beautiful Austin 👋 This has been a monumental week here at Proof. We’ve grown our team 50%, moved our HQ to Austin, TX, and today we launched two new product...

Austin Distel

Introducing Conversion Cards: A New Way to Maximize Conversion Rates

When is the most effective moment to show your visitors a call to action?. Answer: At peak excitement Whether they have just had an “Ah-Ha!” moment after watching your video or...

Dave Rogenmoser

Life After Y Combinator & Why We’re Moving To Austin

The last 3 months have been a whirlwind. Personally, I’ve grown more as an entrepreneur during Y Combinator than I had in a long time. We were pressed, squeezed, and challenged...

Dave Rogenmoser

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