Personalization is the concept of building a customized website experience for each visitor that visits a web page. It’s not that complicated of an idea and it makes intuitive sense — humans like reading pages that directly call them out and speak to their unique position.

In fact, recent surveys show that 42% of consumers get annoyed when their content isn’t personalized, and 66% of consumers will not purchase from a site when they feel the content does not speak to their specific interests.

But until a few years ago, it was time-intensive and burdensome for marketers to directly personalize for every user. The web personalization tools simply didn’t exist to do the job accurately and at scale.

Today, that’s not the case. In fact, the state of web personalization tools for data and growth marketing teams has never been more crowded or confusing. There are thousands of companies competing for a variety of clients in the Personalization space.

If you’re in e-commerce, you likely already know the huge financial incentives that website personalization can have for your brand. There’s a quantifiable lift. But personalization is no longer a concept only embraced by online retailers — it’s a key focus for SAAS, Media, and Services businesses and the benefits are quite clear.

We know navigating this space can be difficult, so here’s a round-up of 30 of the biggest web personalization tools currently available:

31 Web Personalization Tools You Need to Try

1. Proof

Proof started out by building social proof notification software to help marketers increase the conversion rates on their sites. Eventually, we realized that SAAS companies like ours struggled with personalization at scale. That led to our development of Experiences, an easy to use and powerful B2B personalization software designed specifically for the needs of fast-growing SAAS companies.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing platform allows you to personalize your website and campaigns through many of its free and paid features. With HubSpot, you can create personalized lead-capture pop-up forms and trigger them based on the actions your visitors take, like if they’re about to leave your page.

You can also customize the content in your emails with personalization tokens, using the data you have in your CRM, as well as on your website via a feature called Smart Content. This feature lets you show different website experiences and CTAs to audiences based on criteria like lifecycle stage, device type, or referral source.

3. Cxense

Cxense is the “intelligent data layer for the digital age.” They work with publishers to manage data, personalize content and increase digital subscriptions. Additionally, they provide data management and conversion optimization for e-commerce and Retail clients. Their software is used by clients such as the Wall St Journal, NBA, and Hearst to turn raw data into revenue.

4. Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield offers a full suite of website personalization tools for today’s modern marketer looking to drive higher revenue and more engagement. These tools include A/B testing, behavioral marketing, omnichannel personalization, and customer segmentation. Dynamic Yield’s platform captures more than 600 billion events across their 10 billion collective pageviews each month. And their customer list isn’t too shabby — brands such as Urban Outfitters, Stitch Fix, and Vineyard Vines are all customers.

5. Evergage

Evergage is a cloud-based, real-time personalization and customer data platform. The brand provides what they refer to as the “Power of 1”: 1 Profile, 1 Moment, 1 Platform, and 1 Mission. Like many of the others on this list, they take a multichannel approach, providing services for your Website, Web Application, Mobile App, Email, Search, and Human. Their customer list bridges industries — and includes names such as Pitchbook, Rue La La, Academy, and Texas Instruments.

6. Google Optimize

Google Optimize is an A/B testing and dynamic website personalization suite from Google. It’s available as both a free software tool and as a paid enterprise product, branded as Google Optimize 360. The enterprise suite offers multivariate testing capabilities as well as the ability to segment to different Analytics Audiences.

7. Intellimize

Intellimize was built by three founders with backgrounds in ad tech and machine-learning. The platform helps marketers at companies such as Sofi, Drift, and Looker increase conversions and drive revenue growth by using Artificial Intelligence on their sites.

8. Monetate

Monetate is an e-commerce software company that touts e-commerce giants J Crew, Patagonia, and the North Face as a few of its clients. They’ve been providing 1-1 personalization, A/B testing, and product recommendations for their customers since 2003.

9. Omniconvert

Omniconvert provides conversation-based surveys, AB testing, personalization, overlays, and segmentation on their all-in-one CRO tool. Samsung, T Mobile, and ING are a few of the many enterprise clients that turn to them to better understand their buyers and increase their conversion rates.

10. Optimizely

Their site boldly declares that they are the “world’s leading experimentation platform” — and they very well might be. Optimizely offers experimentation, recommendation, and personalization software, along with a host of other solutions, for digital marketing and product teams. Clients such as HP, Microsoft, Brooks, and The New York Times all trust Optimizely to help power customer experiences on a daily basis.

11. Personyze

Personyze offers three main personalization services: on-site and email targeting, a recommendation engine, and omnichannel personalization. With these services, clients can use Machine Learning to provide more relevant experiences to their audiences. Two of their major clients are HomeAway and Kaplan.

12. Certona

Certona is an omnichannel personalization platform for major brands and retailers. They are trusted by customers such as eBags and Gamestop to deliver personalized shopping experiences across touchpoints.

13. Qubit

Qubit is unique amongst the Personalization companies listed in that they offer solutions for a few distinct industries: beauty & cosmetics, luxury, retail, and fashion. With their Software, clients are able to run omnichannel personalization campaigns, tests and optimizations, data integrations, customer segments, and product recommendations.

14. VWO

VWO describes themselves as the all-in-one A/B testing and Conversion optimization platform. Over 4500 companies such as Target and eBay trust their product for enterprise level software and service.

E-commerce & Product Personalization Software

These tools are perfect for e-commerce sites looking to increase their sales or funnel visitors to more relevant products with a product recommendation engine.

15. Apptus

Apptus eSales is an e-commerce software suite that works with your existing platform to enable predictive merchandising. It’s used by retail clients such as Adlibris, Kicks, and Stayhard.  

16. Barilliance

Barilliance is an e-commerce personalization platform that allows personalization at many points throughout the purchase journey — with abandonment emails and product recommendations software all built in. Pushys, LG, and Kitchen Warehouse are 3 of Barilliance’s big clients.

17. Commerce Stack

Commerce Stack is a recommendation engine that’s built specifically for Magento sellers. It’s available as an extension and helps online sellers use behavioral data to serve more relevant products and cross-sell.

18. Pure360

Pure360 is a UK-based company that offers email marketing, website personalization, and email personalization tools for clients in E-commerce, Retail, Travel, and Hospitality. Their all-in-one solution allows their clients to deliver the right message at the right time. Wagamama, Shoezone, and Bloom are a few of their well-known clients.

19. Pureclarity

Pureclarity is e-commerce personalization software that delivers personalization through AI. Their software integrates with the major platforms in e-commerce including Magento, Shopify, and Woocommerce. And they claim to help their clients increase revenue by 26% — not too shabby!   

20. Reflektion

Reflektion touts itself as a Unified Customer Engagement Platform. What’s that mean?

In short, they use machine learning to help customize site search, create unique landing pages, provide recommendations, and unite the customer journey. Reflektion’s clients include brands Marmot, Tom’s, and Sur La Table.

21. Rich Relevance

As a leader in Omni-channel personalization, RichRelevance uses a cloud-based solution to provide personalized recommendations, personalized content, personalized search, and personalization as a service. While they only claim 200 clients on their site — they are built for Enterprise and the names are big: Barneys, Burberry, HP, LL Bean, L’oreal, and Office Depot.

22. Segmentify

Not to be confused with the data platform Segment, Segmentify is an e-commerce personalization platform. They provide four personalization solutions: personalized product recommendations, personalized emails, personalized push notifications, and real-time analytics. Clients include Virgin, Columbia, and Crate & Barrel.  

23. Unbxd

Unbxd is a product discovery and recommendation platform that offers products like Commerce Search, Product Recommendation, and Browse. Who are their clients? Many major retailers — including Express, Fresh Direct, and Ashley Homestore — trust their software.

24. Unless

Unless’ personalization software offers the ability to laser target prospects with 1:1 personalization, include smart add-ons with the Visual Design editor, and goal-setting. They have 7000+ clients including Onefit, HelloPrint, and XeroShoes.

Content Personalization Tools

If you warm up your leads with guides, e-books, case studies, or captivating blog posts, you’ll want to take notice of the following content personalization tools.

25. Qwardo

As an AI-powered, personalized content marketing platform, Qwardo allows customers to increase site engagement, source quality leads, and garner content insights.

26. RightMessage

Right Message allows sites to automatically segment an audience and visitors based on who they are and where they currently are in the sales funnel. By surveying visitors, RightMessage allows you to behaviorally profile your traffic and use it to deliver targeted messages. RightMessage seamlessly integrates with Hubspot, InfusionSoft, Click Funnels, Shopify, Webflow, and many other trusted tools used by top marketers.

Data Platforms for Personalization

27. Hull

Hull is a real-time B2B customer data platform. Their software allows growth and data teams to manipulate raw data in real time, build segments, and enrich contacts. They are trusted by several startups including Appcues, Lengow, and Mention.

28. Segment

Segment helps teams standardize and route their data using Connections, Protocols, and Personas. The platform has over 200 integrations and is trusted by huge companies such as Intuit, Gap, Time, IBM, and Levi’s.


29. Geo Targetly

With Geo Targetly, you can perform endless geo personalizations on your site. Over 2000 businesses trust their Geo Redirection, Links, Content, Popups, Notification Bars, Blocks, Images, and Location tools. Their software works on major CMS and eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Big Commerce, and Magento.

30. GeoFli

Geofli is a software that makes geotargeting super simple and straightforward. With GeoFli, you can personalize messaging, track goals, and geotag visitors from around the globe. University of Oregon, Colorado State University, and Uptop are all customers.

And there you have it! 30 website personalization tools that you can try out on your own site. Still debating the merits of personalization? Here are 9 awesome benefits of personalization that should convince you to get started with personalization today.