Across the board, SaaS companies struggle with converting website visitors into qualified leads, product demo registrees, and new users.

And it’s not just small, new-to-market businesses that struggle with the issue of conversion. Even venture-backed unicorns with large marketing teams are constantly experimenting with conversion rate optimization.

So, what are you to do when tasked with CRO for your company?

You’ve got a lot of options at your disposal. Today, we’re going to show you 15 examples of SaaS companies who started using Proof and now consistently get sky-high conversion rates on their pages. These SAAS marketers have used Proof to boost conversions by up to 80% on their landing pages, demo registrations, and checkouts.

And many of these examples are from non-technical marketers that have no experience in CRO — the changes we suggest can be launched in minutes and without a tech team.

While we only showcase 15 examples in this post, over 250 SaaS marketers use Proof every month to drive home record-setting sales numbers. These are real customers getting real results.

Here’s Proof in action on 15 SaaS websites:

1. Demio

Demio is a webinar platform built for audience engagement, product launches, and demos. Unlike other webinar software, neither you nor your audience needs to download any applications. And once you go live, you can engage with attendees like never before… using claps, polls, shareable content and perfectly-timed call to action cards.

Demio gets 100% of their user base from inbound marketing, so optimizing the conversion rate on their sign-up page is a top priority for their growth marketing team.

That’s why they turned to Proof. You can see on their signup page how they implement Proof’s highest converting Notification, Hot Streaks, to display the number of companies that have started a Demio trial in the last 7 days. Demio also utilizes Proof’s Recent Activity Notification to show a real-time data stream of signups for their service.

2. LawnStarter

Lawnstarter is a marketplace for finding top-notch lawn service providers in your local area. They have built an easy-to-use platform with self-service booking and freakishly good customer support for over 100 markets in the United States.

On their site, they use Proof’s Hot Streak Notification to show the total number of people who have requested a price quote in the last 24 hours. They also use the Recent Activity notification to display a real-time feed of new LawnStarter users for added social proof.

3. Needls

Needls is a SaaS product that streamlines what many marketing agencies do by hand. As “the Internet’s first RoboAgency,” Needls determines the perfect target audience for ads by monitoring social media conversations in real-time and then adjusting their campaigns.

Their marketing team set up Proof’s Recent Activity notifications to display recent campaigns launched by their users. In the example above, you can see Proof in action with the notification — “Gren from Wesley Chapel, FL just launched a new campaign.”

4. MemberVault

Think of MemberVault as the central hub for all of your content and subscribers. On their site, you can upload all your free and paid content to one central database. Then you let your subscribers choose their own journey. By consolidating content into one central library, MemberVault’s customers see higher engagement and an overall increase in sales.

To encourage visitors on their homepage to sign up for MemberVault, their marketing team uses Proof to display recent customer activity. You can see Proof in action on their site in the screenshot above —“Lisa from Chester, MD joined the MemberVault family 2 hours ago.”

MemberVault uses Proof’s webhook capture method to display recent purchases, and with the process, they have increased their new paying users by 20% over the past 2 months!

MemberVault founder Mike Kelly (@mikecodemonkey) recently tweeted this:

I’m always impressed by how much @UseProof gives a shit about their users. Y’all are an inspiration for what every SaaS company should strive to be! — Mike Kelly (@mikecodemonkey) December 5, 2018

5. Deal Machine

Deal Machine is a SaaS product that alerts real estate investors when new properties go on sale. It also allows customers to send direct mail to a prospect inquiring for a meeting.

When Deal Machine’s team wanted to make their 14-day free trial more compelling to first-time visitors, they searched for ways to add social proof to their pages. In addition to using testimonials and trust badges for credibility, Deal Machine also added Proof to their homepage and pricing page. They have personalized Proof’s Hot Streaks notification to their customer avatar: Investors. You can see above how they display “1,572 Investors signed up in the last 30 days.”

6. Podia

Podia is a platform where creators can host and sell online courses, as well as memberships and digital downloads. To stand out from their big competitors such as Teachable and Thinkific, Podia built comparison landing pages describing specific reasons why they differ from their competition. The goal of the comparison pages is to inspire visitors to start a 14-day free trial and convert into long-term customers.

When the Podia team sought higher conversions on their page, they added Proof to show notification of visitors who recently started a trial.

What was the result?

After running an A/B test to 95% significance, they learned visitors who saw Proof on the page converted higher than the visitors who did not see a Proof Notification. Now, Proof is running as a control on all campaigns and they continue to A/B Test different settings and features to increase conversion rate.

7. Opesta

Opesta is a Facebook Messenger Bot Software tool that claims to help their users get 90%+ open rates compared to the industry-average  23.5% open rate.

To showcase the power of the platform, Opesta’s CEO, Ethan Sigmon, hosts an automated demo revealing 3 lead-generating strategies using Opesta on Facebook Messenger. To increase the number of registrations for the Demo, the Opesta team installed Proof on their Clickfunnel’s account. Within only a few days and with no other changes, it was clear registrations were up by 7% because of Proof.

Today, this automated demo remains the engine to Opesta’s growth — and Proof plays a significant role in its effectiveness.

8. Text Request

Emailing customers is an archaic and time-intensive way to communicate.

The most significant way of streamlining communications and filling appointments for a new generation of consumers is via text. Text Request is an online text messaging SaaS tool built for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

To use their tool, you simply connect your phone number, upload a list of contacts and start texting! As a startup in growth mode, Text Request is always looking for ways to increase their number of inbound signups without having to involve a sales team. That’s exactly why they turned to Proof.

Using Proof’s Recent Activity notification, Text Request displays visitors who have recently purchased on their pricing page. Their sales team reports that by installing Proof both their online conversion rate and sales calls conversion rate increased.

Plus, when they hop on a sales call with a prospect, they tell the client to go to their pricing page. Their sales team points out the Proof Recent Activity Notification on the call and clients love seeing the real-time feed of activity! Text Request does a great job using Proof to let their customers sell for them!

9. SoundStripe

SoundStripe is software that hosts a library of royalty-free production music. Their subscription model is pretty straightforward – you can either get started with the Standard plan for $135 or can upgrade to a Premium plan for $245 to unlock 10,000+ sound effects.

Last year, Soundstripe had a huge jump in traffic and started focus on conversion optimization. They discovered Proof and decided to test Hot Steaks Notifications on their homepage — showing visitors the total number of new accounts registered over the past 7 days. Before their trial ended, they saw a significant increase in the number of new accounts and since then, they have never stopped using Proof on their site.

Today, Soundstripe continues to trust Proof for increasing new accounts on their homepage.


What if with only a few clicks, you could stream your Google and Facebook reviews on your website?

With you easily can stream the data! This SaaS product allows you to leverage the power of another kind of social proof – testimonial marketing. In 2017, signed up with Proof when seeking a solution to boost their Pricing page conversion rate. With a simple copy and paste of the Proof pixel on their signup page, was able to display a notification on their pricing page as soon as a new customer got started!

In less than 10 minutes, they were able to add even more convincing social proof to their already compelling offer.

11. Slidebean

Have a big presentation or pitch that you want to make beautiful in only a few minutes?

Check out Slidebean!

This presentation software can help your startup make a perfect pitch deck or help you nail an investor update — all using amazing examples from Uber, Facebook, and Airbnb. If you do get started for free with their product, you’ll notice how they use Proof to display how many people have recently signed up in the last 24 hours!

The Notification in the image above is called Hot Streaks and it’s our highest converting social proof notification. Slidebean uses Proof in other parts of their funnel as well — from lead generation to product activation.

12. Socialbuddy

Want to grow your Instagram following and increase engagement?

Socialbuddy drives real targeted followers to your profile and claims to increase client accounts with 150 to 500 new followers per week. Socialbuddy chose to implement Proof’s Hot Streak Notification on their homepage to display how many people have visited their page in the last 24 hours. The marketers at Socialbuddy then stacked Proof’s most popular Notification, Recent Activity, to display who recently started a trial.

13. is the global leader in digital giving, church engagement, and church management software for churches of all sizes.
 When started running paid traffic to their signup page, they started looking for ways to increase the conversions.

That’s when they found Proof. Above, you can see Proof on their signup page showing over 2,000 churches have created an account in the past 30 days.

When we asked their Head of Marketing about why they added Proof he said, “On our site, we show how many customers we have and logos of our customers. Proof adds that extra layer of social proof in real-time which has boosted signups.”

14. Callloop

Callloop is a powerful SaaS product that allows marketers to broadcast text messages and voicemails to their mailing list. Over 45,000 businesses including Hyatt, Uber, Redbull, and Nestle use Callloop to reach fast results.

With a great product and strong brand in place, Callloop knew it was time to ramp up growth by getting the most out of their traffic. The marketing team at Callloop chose to add Proof to every page on their site to increase their conversions on high-value pages.

15. Fiverr

Over the past several years, emerged as the leader in finding on-demand freelancers from anywhere around the globe. From graphic design to data entry, you can hire for just about every project possible, with rates starting at $5.

One of Fiverr’s many growth strategies is using Facebook Advertising. They use optimized advertisements to push traffic to landing pages that then encourage visitors to create an account and promote a service on Fiverr’s marketplace.

When the marketing team at Fiverr searched for ways to increase their landing page conversion rates, they stumbled upon Proof. James Morgan, our Customer Success Manager, worked one-on-one with their team to implement the highest converting features and settings for their account. Using all 4 Proof Notifications, Fiverr had a significant increase in conversions and has since duplicated this campaign across multiple other landing pages.

And there you have it! 15 SaaS Companies using Proof to boost conversions on their sites. Check out our demo to see how Proof can help your SaaS business grow