When you logged into Proof this morning, you may have noticed a slightly different look and feel to the app.

It’s the same experience you know and love, but we’ve launched some of our biggest changes to date.

Here are some of the major updates that launched over the past few days:

  1. New Intuitive Design for Better Experience
  2. Campaign Dashboard with Campaign Metrics
  3. Campaign Details at A Glance
  4. Wicked Fast Loading Speed
  5. Zapier Integration

Why all the changes?

Everything we launched with this Product Update is designed to help increase the speed and power of Proof! We’ve made strategic changes to the app to help improve the user experience, increase the conversion rate on your campaigns, and open the door for exciting new updates in the next few weeks.

Let’s take a look at the biggest changes with this update!

3 Powerful Features Are Now Live

1. New Campaign Dashboard

If you’re like us, your dashboard is full of dozens of active campaigns on any given day. While running multiple campaigns helps create significant and powerful datasets much more quickly, it had a downside in the last version of Proof.

In the previous version of the app, we often found it difficult to quickly find a campaign, gauge performance, and make edits directly to a campaign.

Our new update has a new, simple Campaigns Dashboard that fixes that problem. Now, you can quickly monitor all of your active campaigns in one place. On the new Campaigns Dashboard, you’ll see all of your campaigns listed in alphabetical order.

We created a new set of icons to help you quickly identify what type(s) of Proof Notifications are running on a campaign (Hot Streaks, Live Visitor Count, Recent Activity, or Conversion Cards). We’re calling these icons Campaign Details at a Glance.

By clicking Edit, you’ll be directed into the campaign setup screen where you can make changes.

By clicking Metrics, you’ll be directed to an updated Campaign Metrics page.

On the Campaign Metrics page, you’ll see a summary of Key Metrics at the top of the page. These include Page Views, Visitors, Clicks, Contacts, and Creation Date.

In the next section, you’ll see active Notifications (Hot Streaks, Live Visitor Count, Recent Activity, or Conversion Cards) for your campaign. In that section, you also have the ability to launch a new Notification type.

Below that, you’ll see the Campaign Targeting section. Here, you will see the URL for where campaigns are currently captured and displayed. Clicking the settings option on the top right of that module will allow you to adjust those destinations.

At the very bottom of the page is the Contacts section. Here, you’ll see all of the contacts captured by a campaign. You also have the option to download your report (as a CSV) or refresh the data (by clicking the arrow icon).

2. Supercharged Speed

One of the biggest changes we rolled out is something that might not be apparent at first glance. But if you use Proof frequently, we think you’ll notice quite a difference under the hood of our product!

Proof is now much, much faster — both when displaying notifications on your site and when navigating the App. Our development team committed several updates that directly affect the load time and speed for both the dashboard and the pixel. This is an update that was requested by many users, and we’re excited to see the results in your campaigns.

Faster load times will help your customers see your notifications much quicker, convert visitors before they leave your site, and ultimately help you see better results from all of your campaigns.

And a faster app means less waiting for your edits to launch and metrics to show up on the backend. We know how valuable your time is, and we’re committed to making sure Proof doesn’t slow down your work day.

Take your saved minutes and go grab a coffee — you deserve it!

3. Capture Data Through Zapier

Launching a Zapier integration is a product request we have received since the early days of Proof. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve finally launched this powerful feature.

When setting up a campaign’s lead capture URL, you’ll now be prompted to select “Auto Lead Capture,” “Zapier,” or “Webhook” (before you only had the options “Auto Lead Capture” or “Webhook”).

By introducing Zapier, you now have an option to quickly integrate your Proof campaign with your Zapier account. In addition to being wickedly simple to set up, Zapier allows you to integrate data from many of the Internet’s top platforms into your campaigns. Gmail, Stripe, Paypal, and GoToWebinar are a few of the thousands of sites you can now integrate into Proof.

On Zapier, you’ll see Proof listed as an Action item. Set up a Trigger and pair it with Proof to get more out of your product. To find out how to easily set up Proof on Zapier, read our new help article.

More Updates On The Way!

We hope you’ll find these features helpful as you launch, monitor, and set up Proof campaigns for your business.

Our main goal with this update (and every update) is to build a product that our customers continue to love and appreciate.

Over the next few months, we’ll be launching several changes focused on helping you get more out Proof including Goal Tracking and Split Testing.

With Goal Tracking, you’ll be able to set objectives that you want to optimize for in your marketing. Those objectives could be new leads, add to carts, purchase events, or visits to a blog post. You’ll be able to use goals to measure campaign performance in relation to your goals.

With Split Testing, you’ll be able to test Proof installed on your site versus Proof not installed on your site — to accurately quantify the lift that our product is having on your conversion rate.

We’re excited about the upcoming months at Proof, and we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride. If you like these changes or have any other product changes you think we should add into our roadmap, leave a comment below!