7 Foolproof Ways to Reduce Customer Churn Rate for Your SaaS Business

2020 has officially begun and for many businesses that means that the major changes are just around the corner. If in the past year you couldn’t get rid of the impression that...

Kas Szatylowicz

How to rebrand: The inside story behind the new Proof brand

Rebrands can suck. There are lots of reasons not to change your company’s look and feel. They’re expensive (pause for a moment and imagine finding and replacing every instance...

Brent Palmer

Introducing Proof Experiences

I can still vividly remember standing on the risers, tears running down my face, while our assistant principle played Graduation, by Vitamin C on a $30 boombox in our elementary...

Dave Rogenmoser

Bryn Jones, CEO @ PartnerStack, on how to build a profitable partner program

On average, 30% of revenue for SaaS companies comes from partner programs. And huge publicly traded companies such as Hubspot and Shopify rely on their partner channels for...

Collin Smith

Hyper personalization: what is it? and how do you do it correctly?

We’re all used to personalization in marketing these days. It can be as simple as pulling a customer’s email into a subject line — or calling out a company’s unique industry on...

Ben Johnson

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