Conversion Optimization

Why You Need Trust Badges On Your Website

Almost two billion people shop online each year. This demand has created opportunities for millions of entrepreneurs who profit from this online exchange from goods and...

Nico Prins

How We Got Into Y Combinator After Failing Miserably The First Time

It all started with a Facebook post I made in late 2016… Spoiler Alert: We got in 🙂 Y Combinator (YC) is the premier startup accelerator in the world. They invest $120k for 7%...

Dave Rogenmoser

10 Ways To Market Your Online Course In 2020

As an entrepreneur, having a marketing strategy for your online course or business is essential to your success. But creating one can seem overwhelming. How do you decide what...

Elise Asanias

How To Market & Sell To Millennials (from a Millennial)

Millennials are often maligned for being an entitled group of young people who all want participation trophies just for getting out of bed. The reality, of course, is more...

Drew Housman

How To Do Sales Demos Presentation That Close Prospects

The best way to make an educated product purchase is to see your product in action. Requesting a demo will help you determine whether a product is worth the investment. Demos...

Dave Rogenmoser

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