There’s a fundamental flaw in the way most coaches structure their business.

It won’t ever scale.

Sure you can make $50,000/month doing one-on-one coaching. But to reach $100,000/month, you need to radically change how you handle clients.

You need to shift to what I call: “The Hybrid Model”

The Hybrid Model is the best way to take your client through an eight-week transformation.

Using The Hybrid Model has three distinct advantages:

  • It allows you to work with 5-10x more clients at once.
  • It gives your clients more value and greater transformation.
  • It puts you in position to start getting clients through Facebook traffic.

Using this model, one of our clients was able to scale from $0 to $112,000 in 45 days while starting a coaching business from scratch.

Use this and you will have happier clients, make fewer phone calls, and make more money.

The 3 Pieces of the Hybrid Model

The hybrid model has three main components. Individually, they are pretty simple, but when you use them together, they are very powerful.

1. Group Coaching

The very first group coaching program I put together was awesome. I was so excited each week to present my newest slides and share my “wealth of knowledge” to the group.

I got to the end of the eight weeks and was asking one guy for feedback.

“What did you like most about the eight weeks?” I inquired. “Honestly, Dave, the most helpful thing was just meeting all the others in the group going through the same stuff as me.”

I was shocked. That answer had nothing to do with me or my content.

That was a lightbulb moment for me.

I was doing my one-on-one clients a disservice by not getting them around other fellow entrepreneurs.

I thought doing groups was inherently less valuable than individual time with me. But in most cases, groups are MORE valuable.

Not only is working with clients one-on-one far more work, in most cases, it is less valuable to them. They would get a greater transformation by being around others.

Make that shift and you are one step closer to achieving seven figures.

I prefer doing my group coaching calls using Zoom.

2. Recorded Video Modules

This is the foundation of the hybrid model. One of the biggest complaints I hear from coaches is “I spend most of my days on the phone explaining the same thing over and over again.”

I get it. I’ve had days like that before as I help our clients set up their Facebook lead generation funnels.

There must be a better way. And there is.

You need to have a lot of your content recorded in video format and available in a membership portal.

Some of you are screaming right now, “I can’t do videos, they are paying for my one-on-one help!”

Wrong. Your clients are paying you to achieve a transformation.

As long as you have the mindset that YOU are the answer, you will never be able to really scale.

Your client only wants results. If you can provide them results in a way that is easier or faster for them, they will pay more and thank you.

In many cases, a video is a better way for your clients to learn what you are teaching over and over.

How to record video content the easy way:

  • Structure your program in 8 or 12 weeks and do group calls via webinar.
  • Record your slides during each of the weeks.
  • Upload them to YouTube and then put them into a membership site platform. We recommend using ClickFunnels.
  • Done. Now you have 8 or 12 weeks of content with videos for each week. You could sell the videos as a standalone course, or when you bring clients into your coaching program, you can let them follow the videos and you can help when they get stuck or need help.

Use videos. Your clients will honestly thank you. And so will your freed-up schedule.

3. One-On-One Calls

Some of you are probably mad at me for leaving one-on-one for last on the list. You think coaching is all about one-on-one help.

But remember, to play in the big leagues of coaching you only need to answer one question:

How can I help my client solve their pain in the best way possible?

I think one-on-one calls are helpful, but they are not always the best way to help someone.

I recommend using one-on-one calls for check-ins, troubleshooting, and motivating clients to succeed.

The Outcome

I have clients who use these three pieces of the Hybrid Model and successfully work with 30-40 clients at a time without sacrificing quality. It’s actually quite the opposite — their clients LOVE it.

This is the model we’ve used to help entrepreneurs grow using honest marketing strategies. They’re entrepreneurs such as my good friend AJ Rivera with PT Freedom.

Consider making the shift in your business today and start running the hybrid coaching model. You’ll thank me later, and so will your clients.