I talk to young, rookie entrepreneurs every single day. Sometimes it’s crazy exciting, and I just think they’re going to change the world. Sometimes I’m not as confident…

On my most recent flight, I got my computer out and listed the biggest things I hear on a daily basis from rookie entrepreneurs who aren’t going to make it. You won’t ever hear these nine things from experienced entrepreneurs:

1. “Which color do you prefer for my logo: red or turquoise?”

Neither. Nobody cares what your logo looks like because you don’t have a business. And you’re not prospecting.

You’re not even getting your company out there. So there is nobody looking at your logo.

There’s no business. Make your logo a pink dump truck for all anybody cares.

Start prospecting, get out there, talk to your market and decide on a logo later! It’s way too early to be worrying about things that won’t lead to growth.

2. “I need you to sign an NDA”

Listen, nobody wants to steal your idea. Ideas are a dime a dozen. I wouldn’t buy your best ten ideas for a dollar. I wouldn’t do it — that would be a bad use of my money because ideas are worth a tiny percentage.

Execution is worth almost everything.

3. “I’m trying to systemize away from things that don’t scale”

Scale? Really?

You’re a one-man shop building a business out of your attic and you’re talking about scaling? Now is the time to do things that don’t scale. Pick up the phone, ya scaredy-cat.

Write that thank you letter to your prospects or customers.

You need to be doing things that don’t scale.

Quit trying to look like a big business because you’re not. People are going to see through that. Do things that don’t scale. This is your competitive advantage. This is how you can beat the big boys, by being a real person that acts like a real person.

Quit worrying about scale.

4. “Just a few more weeks and I’ll be ready to launch.”

Honestly, you were ready to launch two months ago.

Launch tomorrow.

Done is way better than perfect. You need to get your idea, your product, your service out there into the marketplace for people to see and give you feedback.

You’ll never be “ready enough.”

Again, launch tomorrow.

5. “We’re trying to become a one-stop shop that has everything”

Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s crazy hard to do. And it’s expensive. And it’s risky.

"People need to get really comfortable coming to you for ONE thing before they feel good about coming to you for EVERYTHING."

Take what you are planning on doing and break it down into smaller offerings. Then pick one that you get really excited about and think is the best. Do that. We used to offer all sorts of marketing offers — Facebook ads, social media, content, email drops, retargeting, website design…. now we just offer 3 things and say no to everything else.

You’ve got to focus on a very select focus to start.

6. “I’m so close to really making it”

I said this one for so long. You’re building a business, not playing the lottery. You’re not going to “make it.”

You’re either making it now, or you aren’t.

So I suggest you look back over the last few months. Can you see real tangible progress? If you can, then you’re making it.

Not being able to see any real results and no closer to making good money than you were six months ago? Then you’re not making it. You need to re-evaluate.

At Proof, we’ve grown by about 10% or more every single week since we started. I keep waiting for the 200% growth month to happen, but I prefer to grow consistently. 

"Quit waiting to go viral and start grinding away at your business."

7. “I don’t quite know enough to take action yet”

90% of young entrepreneurs I’ve met are content junkies.

You spend all day reading blogs, buying courses, listening to podcasts, and massaging you conscience to make up for the fact that you haven’t built the business that you’ve dreamed of yet. Quit consuming so much content.

Less learning and more action can do you well.

You need to think more about what FEW things you need to know and do to get your business really going instead of just trying to learn more of everything. Learn a few things that matter. Then go out there and sell it.

8. “I’m afraid to sell”

Life is sales. Business is DEFINITELY sales. If you are afraid to sell, then you really need to work on what is it that makes you so afraid.

What’s going on inside that is rattling around in your head that’s making you so afraid?

Realize that NOTHING bad is going to happen to you out there.

The only person losing is you. If you are terrible at selling and hate it, then you need to go find someone who is good at it and partner with them. If you’re not selling, you’re going to get left behind.

9. “I’m going to start a t-shirt business.”

Please don’t. There are enough of them out there. Go start a different type of business.

In Short: Stop Talking And Start Working.

These are the nine things I hear from young entrepreneurs on a pretty consistent basis.

Here’s what I want from you: In the comment section below, leave me a message.

Let me know which one of these responses you resonate with or hear the most from other entrepreneurs. How else can we stop talking and start doing?